Kwalitatief Marktonderzoek


Kwalitatief Marktonderzoek

SK Kwalitatief was founded in 1989 in Amsterdam. The working area for the qualitative research I do extends all over the provinces of the Netherlands, Germany and (Dutch-speaking) Belgium. In my work I use state-of-the-art research methods. The important thing is getting past the first layer of quick answers and superficial opinion forming. Appreciating people on their essence in a way that they’re prepared to tell you about their experience without reserve or distortion is a precondition for a thorough conversation about deeper motivations.

Sometimes this can be through individual interviews, sometimes duo-interviews or group discussions are a better means. In other situations, getting to the essence literally means walking through a store with the consumer, in combination with a before and after interview. For every project I choose a specific approach that is most relevant to this project. With SK Kwalitatief, I make myself known by providing an analytical and warm methodology, which brings the interviews with the target audience to a level at which they are willing and able to reveal their true wants and needs. And they have fun doing that. With that, the relevant brand insights and most appropriate brand and product concepts will surface spontaneously.

Three questions for Majorie Dijkstal
Strategy Director Keja Donia

What are your first three thoughts when I mention “Sylwia Kleynen”?
Endless energy and effort, devotion with heart and soul, a skilled professional

When do you hire Sylwia?
When you really want to know what’s going on. What moves the target audience, how they are moved and with what I could best address them: You can always depend on Sylwia. With her tremendous experience and character insight you need very few words to explain what you are looking for.

Does she have any weaknesses?
Maybe that in all those years she has developed her very own way of working. That means you have to give her some space and not force her to adhere to detailed protocols. She has a clear opinion, and that is what you get. Also, I’ve been telling her for years that her rates are too low for the quality she offers, but that is no doubt a big plus for some.