Sylwia Kleynen


Sylwia Kleynen

I started my career as an independent qualitative market researcher having learned from several years of service at Research International, my personal life experience (international background, family, children) and an adequate education: pedagogy with a doctoral specialization in family studies.

Working full-time, or even more, has always been a gift to me. Starting in 1989, I’ve bounded a specific segment within the research market, relating to the unique core of people and brands. This is where my added value is most appreciated. I specifically target projects aimed toward the future, in which deeper insight in the relation between man and brand is needed and where, for example, thoughts on concepts have to be validated in a tentative and creative way.

Three questions for Loek van Doorn
director of Doorn & Roos Communication (

What is Sylwia’s special strength?
She quickly gets to the essence. With both clients and respondents. She is very involved in the projects, doesn’t miss a single detail and is often a step ahead. Her findings form a valuable basis for further decisions. Everything you can expect from a premier-league research agency, Sylwia has in a single person: Strong and pragmatic organization, first-rate research, strong analytic findings and well substantiated strategic advice. And above all a delightful person to work with.

And the weaknesses?
She increases her pace for kindred spirits and it can be hard to keep up with her.

Anything else you would like to say about SK Kwalitatief Marktonderzoek?
Sylwia is a walking insight database. Her accumulated knowledge and expertise makes her not only a fantastic researcher, but also a valuable strategic partner in all the phases surrounding innovation, brand development and communication.