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Human needs are constantly in motion, in continuous interactions with one another and with the world on a micro and macro level. Humans, as well as brands, are flowing entities developing over time, which again and again keep in touch with the needs of the moment from an own unique core.

Whoever takes his target audience seriously, has them reflect on services, products and communication every now and again. This is the only way to keep a business directed towards constant success.

Brands that do not constantly monitor society, will slowly slide to the outskirts while the needs keep moving forth. By speaking to consumers and to target groups every day, I have developed a keen eye for the subtle but essential changes in the needs of people. I always see it as my business to address the bigger picture across market segments as well as the segment-specific developments that specific brands have to deal with. Both are important to consider in future policy.

It keeps surprising me how the subtle changes over time remain unnoticed or are underestimated. Things that can add a lot of value remain unused. My biggest drive is to manifest these relevant changes for my customers again and again.

Wanted: An appealing model for a sustainable future

Businesses and consumers alike are in the process of haphazardly producing and consuming in a ‘responsible’ manner. We appear to be in a sustainable ‘split’. We are doing our best to adapt to changing circumstances, but worn in patterns in our behavior leave all kind of obstacles and pitfalls. We recycle glass, paper and plastic, but on the other hand need a lot more of those because we accept everything pre-packaged. We try to eat biological eat more often, but after that we take two vacations by plane and fashion lures us into buying a fourth winter coat. There is no way we can keep consuming in this same way, but we are unwilling to do something. We try our best, but without seeing it, we are flying off the road.

The fundamental search for the years to come is not for a solution for this sustainability ‘split’. On all areas in which we are grasped by the need for vanity and the need for fun, we have a hard time changing. And that is not only because every organism is inherently adverse to change, but also because we operate in a defensive way. Businesses focus on green growth, on ‘official guidelines’ and follow the competition, while maintaining the old-fashioned profit goals. They are, as is the consumer, also green, also being responsible, also this or also that and deliver this message in a not very pleasant, not very playful and not very conspicuous way. And that exactly is what keeps us, consumers, behind the threshold. We are not shown a model for a fun and responsible lifestyle. And that is astonishing.

Where are those companies that include themselves in a future of pleasant, sustainable life and are not afraid to contribute something to that life? Sustainability rises far above brands. That means that businesses could rise far above that what must be done, by jointly dreaming about what is possible. There is no way this will yield direct competition. My question to brands is: Where are those think tanks?




Three questions for Gerard Hogendoorn
manager pre-university education Erasmus University Rotterdam

Why do you hire Sylwia Kleynen?
To let the people we want to talk to, our target group, get the most out of themselves.

Can you name Sylwias strengths?
She has a lot of experience and is able to link decency to creativity. She thinks outside the box and of conventional frames. She stands in the center of society and looks around with a sharp eye for the individual.

Any weaknesses?
Because she is so extremely busy, you cannot always get her exactly when you want to hire her.