SK Kwalitatief works for smaller and larger clients. In order to help all of them ahead in the same way, I regularly like to work within a great network of national experts from the areas of strategy, research, marketing and communication. This is because research, when done properly, does not stand-alone. Organizations want to solve problems and take opportunities and in this, qualitative market research is a link in the chain of advice. SK Kwalitatief gladly engages in co-operations with other businesses that employ the same level of quality and ethical standards and have offer a refreshing look into the consumer and his changing needs. On an international level, we work with an international network, linked to The Added Value Company / Icon Added Value.

Three questions for Renate Rademaker

manager product marketing for Talens

Why hire SK Kwalitatief?
Because SK Kwalitatief is always willing to make some time for collecting answers to our questions, despite the very busy calendar. Sylwia is professional, flexible and upright. The output has never been disappointing and has proven on numerous occasions that it is the basis for filling in the needs of our end-users. In addition to that, SK kwalitatief offers an excellent price for this great quality.

The strengths in short?
- fast understanding of the assignment
- quality of output
- international possibilities

Anything else you would like to add?
Sylwia Kleynen as a person carrier a very pleasant atmosphere. That adds to the nice working relationship we already had.