SK Kwalitatief advises and shares knowledge with all persons, smaller and larger businesses, which have the need for vital insights in human needs throughout time. The accumulated experience of twenty years of research means I have researched virtually all segments of the market thoroughly. Retail, financial services, charities, higher education, sustainable consumer goods and fast movers, there is not an area or target group I haven’t dealt with on multiple occasions. Questions about your segment of the market and my experience with that? Feel free to call me or send me an E-mail.

Three questions for Adriaan Wagenaar
who worked with Sylwia as researcher/strategist at FHV/BBDO

What is Sylwia’s unique strength?
Sylwia like no other possesses the ability to ask the Magical Question. She has the rare talent to ask that single essential question dangling above the conversation and, in many interviews, is never asked: The question that opens up the heart of many respondents, even to themselves, and shows the undiscovered paths within their reasoning. Many of my clients are looking for their distinctive character in markets where everyone thinks he knows everything. Sylwias approach helps to find just that character.

What are her strengths?
She is always open and fair, tells exactly what is on her mind and exudes profundity, warmth and energy.

I noticed how her approach could make some customers with a big ego a bit uncomfortable.